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  • Salons

  • Hotels

  • Banks

  • Manufacturers 

  • Retailers

  • Senior Living/Retirement Facilities

  • Churchs/Temples

  • Car Repair Shops

  • Private Schools

  • Property Management

  • Parking Garages

  • Wholesalers

Here you will find more information on the ERC program, FAQ's and be able to find out if you QUALIFY ONLINE!  

What is ERC?    

The ERC Program was established under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in 2020.  Along with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), ERC was also created.  However, in 2020 a business had to choose between the PPP or ERC,  most opting for PPP.  

Simply put, ERC is a Payroll Tax Refund/Credit from the IRS for keeping employees during the Covid-19 Pandemic. ERC is a refundable tax credit –  not a loan – that you can claim for your business.  


American Rescue Plan Act - 2021

This Act Extended the ERC program so small businesses can receive ERC for tax years 2020 & 2021 AS WELL AS the PPP.  IF YOU RECEIVED PPP, YOU CAN STILL APPLY FOR ERC.  Designed for Businesses who despite challenges posed by COVID-19, chose to keep their employees on the payroll. 


How Much Can I get Back?  

  • Credit is based on qualified wages and benefits paid, which is 70% of wages paid in 2021 and 50% in 2020.

  • Maximum credit per employee is $26,000 based on $7000 per quarter in 2021 and $5000 for the year in 2020.

  • On Average (all situations are different), Our Clients receive back approximately $5-10k/Full Time Employee.​​

Qualifying Businesses

  • Businesses must have paid wages to employees anytime from 2/15/2020 - 09/30/2021 (12/31/21 for Startups).

  • You had to have had W2 employees, up to 500 employees in 2021 and up to 100 employees in 2020.​

  • Experienced a decline in Revenue OR an Operational Impact from Covid.  

Most Relevant Industries (Not all inclusive)

  • Bars/Restaurants

  • Country Clubs

  • Doctor Offices/Health Care providers

  • Gyms

  • Franchises

  • Construction 

ERC Specialists 

  • 43 years of forensic accounting experience. 

  • We have filed over 10,000 ERC applications & obtained OVER 2 BILLION dollars for small businesses.        

  • We offer Specific payroll, tax, and legal experience with thousands of ERC cases enables us to understand and interpret the details of your claim

  • Streamline the entire process from eligibility to receiving awarded ERC funds.   ​

  • We will qualify you and process your claim FREE.  You will NOT be asked for any payment information.  We will ONLY be paid if & when you receive funds from the IRS.    

  • You can process your Application and Documents through our Online Systems.

  • We do all the work, managing the paperwork & tedium and you COLLECT THE FUNDS!

It Takes 5-10 minutes seconds to complete the qualifying questionnaire needed to see if you qualify and what the next steps are      

You will be taken directly to ERC Specialists .  Click "Begin Qualifying".  Feel free to contact me with any questions throughout the process.    

IRS Guidelines & Publications on ERC
Qualifications for ERC
Companies that Qualify for ERC
ERC Specialist Tax Expertise
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